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 Addicted to Star Wars Rules

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Favorite Star Wars Movie : Um... the first one?
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PostSubject: Addicted to Star Wars Rules   Fri May 08, 2009 7:11 pm

Rule #1: Forum Etiquette

When posting, try to make sure that:

- You are not repeating something that has already been said. Redundancy can be very annoying. However, this might not apply to threads that ask for a vote or an opinion. It wouldn’t be fair to lock a thread because sixty people said they liked Darth Vader over Yoda.

-It is on-topic. Try to keep the thread from straying to a topic totally irrelevant from its original. For example:

Person 1: *makes a thread saying blue is better than pink* Person 2: I like blue. Blue is my favorite color. Person 1: I like blue as well. Person 2: Did you know that my bed cover is blue? (this is where it is getting off-topic) Person 1: Oh, that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted a blue bed cover. But I have a white and green striped bed cover with lime green pillows…
The thread is about colors, not bed covers and pillows. Get the picture?

Moreover, people have different ideas about what’s relevant to a topic and what isn’t. Don’t be surprised if you get yelled at for posting something off-topic when your post was valid. In the end, the mods have ruling judgment.

-Look through the forums and make sure you’re not starting a topic that has already been created. It takes up much less space if you post on the original topic, rather than creating a whole new one.

Rule #2: Spamming, Flamming, and Vulgarity

Please try not to curse or be vulgar. Some minor curse words are ok, but try to limit the amount of words you use. However, there are certain things that will not be tolerated. This list includes, but is not limited to:

- Attacks that are racial or ethnic.
- Threats of violence, death, or sexual abuse.
- Rude or continuously harassing posts with the intention of ruining someone's reputation or degrading them. We girls should be nice to each other!
- Illegal activities. Referring to such activities is one thing, but don’t go into detail.

-Don’t spam. Spamming is mumbo-jumbo, too short of a response to be a good post, or anything else that violates Rule #1. It’s annoying to read and a huge waste of time.

Rule #3: Double/Triple etc. Posting

-When replying to a thread, don’t reply to one of your own posts. If it’s an accident, that’s ok, but try not to do it.

-If you need to reply to a thread but one of your messages was the last post, use your common sense. If your post was a day or two old, wait and see if anyone else replies first. But if it’s a few weeks old, then that’s ok. Editing your previous post is also an option.
-If you have an art thread or blog, then double posting is ok.

Rule #4: Hierarchy

Regular members, feel free to offer your input in a moderating decision. But in the end, a staff member has the final say. You can disagree with what has been done, but moderating decisions can only be overruled by the admins. (qui-gon13, bobafett13445, and tpchikki15)

However, please report if someone is breaking the rules. You can do this by sending one of the staff members a PM.

Rule #5: Accounts

Only one account is allowed per person. There’s no need for you to have two accounts. If your banned, don’t try to make a new account, because it’s quite easy to figure out that it’s you.

Rule #6: Drama

I've been on a forum that's girls-only, and no one had any problems with drama. So I don't expect this to be a problem. I'm pretty sure you all have a good idea of what I mean when I say don't be a drama queen.

Rule #7: Spelling and Grammar

-Try to make your posts clean and legible. This means they should be easy to read and use the English language correctly. This rule is pretty loose, and mistakes are common. Everyone makes mistakes.

-If your post is illegible, then you will be notified. A few shorthand phrases like "atm" and "tbh" are fine, but most of us don’t want to read "r u goin 2 the mal 2nit??" or "u r rong, my frend sayd he wasnt ther sunday!!!"

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through these. It will help make ATSW a more enjoyable place for everyone. Be sure to follow these rules, as failure to do so will result in a warning, then a ban.
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Addicted to Star Wars Rules
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